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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Fun With Food

For lunch today, I decided to make some cute cheese bunnies that I saw as part of a bento featured on Epicute.com. The original source is Adventures in Bentomaking where there is a video on how she put the bento together and how she made the bunny. I've been wanting to break into bento for quite some time but I just haven't got around to ordering some bento boxes and some of the accessories that are useful in bento. So, for now, I usually just put the cute food on the kids' plates. One of these days, I'll get some proper boxes, but anytime I decide to start on a new venture like this, I end up getting ripped off in some way shape or form and that discourages me from going any further. Sometimes, I wish I lived in a larger area where stuff like this is more easily found. It would also be nice to find some of the more interesting fruits and veggies to include in out bento like lunches. Ah, well. We will make do with cute plates for now.

Anyhow, here is what I served the kids for lunch today:

We had peanut butter & blueberry fruit spread on blueberry bread, white cheese bunnies with bologna and nori for the details, a strawberry flower with celery stem and leaves, broccoli bushes, and blueberry easter eggs around the flower stem. It was abig hit with Laural but Micah just wanted to get down to the eating. Somedays, Micah eats like a bird and other days like today, his sandwich wasn't enough and he kept reaching out for his sister's sandwich. Since Micah won't touch the fruit or veggies, Laural traded a wedge of her sandwich for Micah's strawberry and celery. At least Micah gets fruit and veggies in the VFusion that he will drink.

I added a link of this post to a bento blog called Hapa Bento for a contest that is hosted there. She is one of my favorite bento makers so please go take a look!

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