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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Micah!

It's hard to believe that Micah turned 2 years old today! Where does the time go? Because things have been so busy lately, we aren't able to have a birthday party for him until later, so instead, we had a mini party for him, just the four of us. We gave him a few presents and had cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to him. He knew what to do when it came to blowing out the candle though I wasn't holding it close enough at first. He really enjoyed his cupcake and had it all over himself before he was finished. Very cute. Hopefully, we will be able to have his party for the rest of the family soon. It seems that there is so much going on in the coming weeks, I just don't know when we will be able to have it!

It's just amazing to me that 2 years ago, he was rushed off to Children's Hospital where he would stay for 23 days. He was so sick and we were so worried. It's so amazing to think about how far he has come since those days. He went from bleak outlook to healthy and thriving little boy. God is awesome and he truly worked a miracle in my little boy's life!

March 28, 2008 - shortly after birth

Packed up and ready to be transported to Pittsburgh.

Needing support for a little while.

Newborn pic taken the day he left the hospital at 23 days old.

1st Birthday Photo

Almost 2 years old! (I'll replace this with a birthday pic once I get them on one of the computers.)

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