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Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Bit of a Quandary

Laural is sick. Not terribly sick - she has some sort of virus, I believe. She started with a runny nose and sore throat yesterday morning. Toward the end of the day, she complained that her head hurt and at bedtime, she had a fever of 101.1°F. When she was sitting upright, she was fine but whenever she laid down, she would start coughing real bad. Today, she still had some fever but she isn't acting like she's sick. She is running around and playing like normal. We were supposed to go camping this weekend. But now, with her having the fever and stuffy nose, I'm not sure if we will or not. We were out at the campground today while mom and dad set up their camper. I'm going to watch Laural overnight and see how she does. I really want to be able to camp this weekend. We haven't been camping anywhere in ages. Steve won't be able to camp with us as he has to work. I am going to get all our stuff together and plan to go and it will be up to how Laural is doing to determine if we will go or not.

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