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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coupon Crazy Sunday!

Add ImageI decided that today I wanted to check out my coupon inserts from the 3 papers I got today and compare them. I was quite surprised by the results. Erie had the most coupons and higher values. Pittsburgh had a few that Erie didn't have. The Sharon paper had a puny number of coupons in the Smart Source insert but it was the only one that had the Red Plum insert, though it didn't have a lot to it. HERE is a link to the spread sheet I made that has all the coupons I got from the 3 papers. Interesting. The best coupons seem to be in the Erie paper but there are different amounts (better for doubling sometimes like at Giant Eagle). So, what shall I do? Drop Pittsburgh - there were a couple in there that weren't in either of the others but all the Herald coupons were in one or both of the other papers. EXCEPT for the Red Plum! Gee Whiz, this could be easier on me... LOL

I got 3 each of the aforementioned papers. I am going to have a lot of papers to recycle. Maybe I should see what is going on in the news since I have them.

I am way behind on my blogging. I've done a couple other shopping trips that I took pics of but I haven't recorded yet. I need to get out tomorrow for some groceries. I'm out of basics like milk and cheese. I will have to see what coupons I have!

Laural's school is faltering slightly. We've been so busy lately that we have let it go. I need to get on a better schedule since she will be doing actual kindergarten next year. She's been quite the little bugger lately. She actually ran away from Steve in the store today when he went to get her and take her out to the car because she kept mouthing off about going her own way in the store. She is now on tv restriction for a week.

Micah is really starting to get the hang of talking. In the past week or 2, he has started saying "hi," "ba" (ball), "pree" (pretty), and a couple other things. It's like it has really clicked for him all of a sudden. He is also mimicking us laughing "hee hee hee" and "ha ha ha." It's too funny. He still refuses to say mama though. Stinker. He's still about the same place for walking. A couple of step, followed by a BIG grin and then down to the knees he goes. It is so cute to watch him bounce on his knees though. He also really has the impish grin down pat. Sooo cute! He sure is a character and so different from his sister. So much fun!

That's my mini update for now. I need to get back into the habit of writing each day so I don't fall behind. Tomorrow is Muffin Tin Monday. Not sure what I will do yet! Better get to thinking so I have some nice pics to blog tomorrow.

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