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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Already

It's hard to believe that in just 2 1/2 hours, it will already be October. Where has this year gone? We now have less than 3 months until Christmas. Wow. It's been another cold and miserable day here in Western PA with only a few little pockets of sunshine here and there. Tonight will be pretty cold. Weather Exchange sent me a winter weather advisory a little while ago. We are supposed to get sown to the mid to low 30's tonight. Yuck. I'm not ready for this. I'd like to have a real summer first, please. Sigh.

We had a bit of a mellow day around here. I was going to hit Kmart again to take advantage of a handful of coupons that expire today, but I just didn't feel like going outside. Laural's school was pretty mellow today too. We practiced some math and some writing and she played click start for a while. I think, tomorrow, I am going to introduce a new math activity. I got a math puzzle "game" last month that is pretty neat. You match up the pieces with the problems to the pieces with the answers. She is doing pretty good with her math. In fact, today she was practicing her addition saying the numbers in Spanish! LOL She really seems to enjoy the Hooked on Phonics and Hooked on Spanish that we do on the computer. Our science topic this week is birds and migration. We've seen a lot of birds gathering for their trip south.

Yesterday, for our story time craft, we made technicolor acorns. We took brightly colored tissue paper, wadded it up, painted them with glue and then glued them into an acorn cap. They turned out quite cute. Laural is quite pleased with her handiwork. I'll get a pic of them up in a little while.

Micah is getting ever closer to walking! Tonight, I put him on his feet with Laural's little shopping cart in front of him. He held onto it and stood there for a minute and then, he started pushing it and walking along with it. He did it several times across the room. A big part of me is quite happy because I keep wondering if he will ever actually walk. He's already 18 months old and still content to bounce around or crawl. A little bit of me is sad, though, because it means my little baby is really becoming a big boy. So bittersweet. He is much more of a cuddler than Laural was at this age. He wants to be up on my lap or sitting beside me a lot. Not all the time - he loves to be down to play - but he really seems to love his mommy time. I don't mind. He has really become quite the climber too. In recent days, I have found him standing on Laural's Little Tykes table, reaching up to the tv and standing on the arm of the couch, reaching up to play with the light switches. The boy is going to give me a heart attack! I seem to recall similar happening with his big sister! LOL How do moms ever survive this stage? LOL It really is quite the adventure!

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