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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Crazy Coupon Trip!

After story time today, we made a run to Franklin for some more Kmart double coupon shopping! I had a phenomenal trip! I took pics of my goodies but I left the camera downstairs, so I will go get that in a bit and post the pics.

First up, Kmart:1x Rimmel Mascara $3.29 each
- $2/1 doubled

3x Bic 14 count Silky Shave Razors $3.49 each
- $2/1 (3x) doubled

2x Beneful Prepared Meal Dog Food $1.79 each
- B1G1 Free doubled

2x Huggies Baby Wipes $2.99 each
- $2/1 (2x) doubled

2x Tide Stain Release $4.49 each
- $2 instant savings 2x
- $1.50/1 doubled
- $2/1 doubled
= FREE (with overage of $2.02)

4x Bumblebee Tuna Pouches $1.29 each
- $1/2 (2x) doubled
= $.29 each (or $.16 each when you subtract the overage from the Tide)

2 Snickers Bars $.89 each
no coupons as these were fillers for the overage
= $.15 each

2x Bic 14 count Twin Select Razors $3.49 each
- $2/1 (2x) doubled

3x Halls Refresh Hard Candies $1.99 each
- $1/1 (3x) doubled

6x Pedigree+ canned dog food $1 each
- B1G1 Free (3x) doubled

Total Receipts: $58.19
Total OOP: $0.92! (before tax)
Savings: 98%

I actually did these in 3 different transactions because of the coupon limit of 10 and the fact that I found another Tide coupon in the car and went back in for another Stain Release deal. That is why I had to add 2 candy bars. Not a bad day at Kmart.

Next up, Giant Eagle:30x Birdseye Steamfresh Vegetables $1 each
- $.35/1 (30x) doubled
= $.30 each

4x Totinos Pizza Rolls $1 each
- $.40/2 (2x) doubled
= $.60 each

2x Whole Grain Cheez-its $2.50 each
-$.75/1 doubled (meant to use the $2/2 peelie but it got missed)
= $1.75 each

3x Little Debbie Cupcakes $3.09 each
- $.75/1 (3x) doubled
=$1.59 each

6x Friskies Natural Sensations Cat Treats $1.79 each
- Free bag Q (6x)

6x Mentos Gum $1.49 each
- $.55/1 (6x) doubled
= $.39 each

Ground Beef 2.68 lbs/$9.62
- $2/1 Store coupon
= $7.62

Total Receipt: $103.21 (before card & coupons)
Total OOP: $28.13! (before tax)
Savings: 73%

I'm not sure, but I think the cashier guy may have put 1 of my $.75/1 coupons for the Little Debbie Cupcakes through an extra time. It's hard to tell since he was doing a lot of button punching, but there seems to be an extra $1.50 off on my receipt. I think I confused him with my multiple coupons. LOL He had to turn the key and punch in some stuff to make it go through, so I'm guessing he did me a favor since I couldn't use the peelies from the cupcakes with the coupons I had. Yay for nice cashiers! The Franklin GE employees seem to be so much more friendly than the Greenville ones. I think the older lady cashier was exasperated when I handed her my stack of coupons last time I was there.

Anyhow, chalk up another great shopping trip for me!

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Jennifer said...

All Hail Queen Deb! All hail Queen Deb! You go Deb! That's awesome! I may end up asking exactly how you do all this and carry 2 young'ns with you!! -Jen


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