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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Camping Weekend

We weren't going to go camping but over Friday, both kids seemed to be fine while we did some yard sales and lunch, so we decided to go ahead and pack everything up and head out to camp. We got there around 4 PM and unpacked the car and got things set up. Then Steve had to leave. Unfortunately, he didn't have the weekend off. So it was just me and the kiddos with my folks and grandparents. My folks had their pop up, my grandparents had their set up in the back of their pickup and we had out tent.We were on lot #49 at RV Village Campground in Mercer, PA.

We had dinner and then hung out around the fire for a while. We finished the day with some Blotto. I won. :-) Micah had a rough time getting to sleep. I laid him down the first time around his normal bedtime, but he started crying pretty hard. We got him up. He was extremely fussy and unhappy. He was so tired but fighting sleep. I laid him down again around 10 PM and this time he fell asleep almost instantly. Laural was still pretty wound up, so I let her stay up a little longer. We went to bed around 11 PM. A few minutes after we got snuggled into our sleeping bags, she tapped me on the shoulder. She had to pee. So, we had to climb out of our sleeping bags and make our way down to the bathhouse. Argh. Once we got back into bed, she was out within minutes. Micah woke up crying at around 5:30 AM. I got up and held him for a little while and he fell back to sleep but when I tried to put him back in his bed, he woke up crying again. This time I just took him into my bag with me. He just laid down on top of me. It was super sweet but not very comfortable. LOL It might not have been too bad if the air mattress had been a little fuller. When Steve filled it up, he didn't fill it up as much as it needed. When I went in and laid down, Micah was already asleep, so I couldn't run the air pump to fill it some more. Anyhow, Micah slept on me for about 2 more hours and I dozed off here and there until 7:30 AM.

After a big camp breakfast - buckwheat pancakes (my homemade recipe), sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, juice, coffee and hot cocoa, we got ready to do some things. Laural and I got in our swim stuff and headed down to the pool. The water was a bit cold. It was a bit overcast when we walked down - plus our campsite was completely shaded - so when it got really sunny after we had been at the pool for a few minutes, we weren't quite prepared. I would have like to have my sunglasses and maybe a little sunscreen. It got hot! We weren't there very long, but I got burned. Not bad, but enough to feel it. After a quick stop at the camp store, we headed back to camp. We had a quick bite of lunch and then I needed to find something to do with Micah. The area we were in was very dusty and dry so I didn't want to put him on the ground but the poor little guy needed some down time. He would fuss and twist and turn and throw mini tantrums because he wanted to wander around. So, I decided to let him get a little dirty and put him on the screen porch part of my tent. He was thrilled. He hopped the length of the porch over and over. It was funny to watch. I put some toys in there for him to play with and he had a great time and stayed satisfied for quite a while. Laural was in there playing for a while too. All was good until she grabbed his legs as he tried to crawl away and he, trying to pull away, slipped and hit his face, cutting his lip. Oy!I went into the tent with the kids for a bit and laid down on the bed and let Micah have a bit of a free run around the tent. At one point, he accidentally turned the air pump on and caused himself quite a fright! We were just lazing about when my phone rang at about 4 PM. It was Steve's mom. She was in the ER. While she was holding on to Tom's dog's collar, he took off and dragged her and she broke her wrist and hit her head. I had to call Steve and send him to the hospital. He had just woke up and was gathering the stuff I had asked him to bring when he came out to camp for the evening. After finding out was was going on, he called and told me that his mom didn't want him to leave. I was a bit ticked since most of the stuff I wanted him to bring was stuff for Laural to keep her busy. It was 8 PM by the time Steve got to camp. It was already getting dark. All I could do was set up the dvd player for Laural to watch for a little while. Steve had to leave at 9:30 so he could get home to get the dog out and grab his stuff and get to work on time. We played blotto again. Grandma won this one. Grandpa didn't even get on the board. I decided to get a shower after our game and before bed so mom listened for the kids. I had put them down to bed at 10 PM and they both crashed out pretty quick. They were worn out and neither stirred the whole night.

I woke up at 7:30 AM and was worried since Micah hadn't made a noise yet. He was fine, of course. He woke up shortly after that. Steve got to camp at about 9 AM. He walked with Laural while she rode her tricycle around the loop we were camped on. Micah rode on his shoulders. She is just about too big for her trike now. She sure looked cute riding it though.
Then she wrecked. LOL She just tipped over. She didn't hit the tree or anything.

After another big camp breakfast, we had to get packed up to leave. Two days went fast! We got everything packed up and headed out around 1 PM. Once we got home and got stuff unpacked, Steve went to bed and the kids and I hung out in the living room for a bit. I was wiped out. I could have slept on the couch if it wasn't for Micah needing to be told "no" for almost everything. LOL He loves to play with stuff he isn't supposed to.

I made an easy dinner and afterward, mom called and told me that Rainbow Valley Restaurant had burned down. She had just driven past it. I was just getting ready to head out to Camp Perry to pick up my papers, so we drove past. It was a complete disaster. Total loss. I feel so bad for the owners. I'm so bummed. We were just there last week having the all you can eat fish! So sad. I should have taken a pic of their marquee though. It simply said "We'll be back." Glad to know it. :)

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