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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

My Tuesdays are busy days - but good days! We started with Story Time. It ran a little long today. After our story, we made a neat craft - Paper Bag Nature Books. It was just Gracen and Laural there today. They did quite a good job on their books. We started by cutting, folding and taping our books. Then we went outside to collect things to put on the cover. I helped Laural create a nice scene with her stuff and Gracen and her mom made a nice bark frame on hers.

After Story Time, we went to Steve's mom's for a quick visit. I had to go to BiLo for a few things. It turns out though, that the BiLo shopping list on A Full Cup is not the same BiLo that we have here. None of the stuff I had on my list was actually on sale at BiLo. I ended up just getting a couple rolls of Marcal paper towels for $1 off each. I didn't take pics of my goods from today's shopping trip but here is the breakdown:

(2x) Marcal paper towels - 1.67 each
- $1/1 (2x)
= $.67 each

I was confused about the sales thing, so I asked if they might be on a different schedule than other stores and he said no. Some of the stuff i asked about was on sale the week before so I figured maybe the list was dated wrong or something. It turns out that there is a different BiLo chain down south that I didn't know about until after I got home. Oh well. I was talking to the cashier while I checked out and she ended up taking my name and address so I could have a flier mailed to me. That will be quite nice.

Then I was off to Giant Eagle. I had a handful off stuff on my list for there. Here is my breakdown:

(5x) Activia 4 packs and
(3x) Danimals Smoothies 6 packs - $2 each
- $2 bonus when you buy 4 (2x)
- $1/1 coupon (8x)
= $.50 each

(2x) Bottom Round Roast - B1G1 free
= $4.98 each

(2x) packs Boneless Pork Chops - B1G1 free
= $3.48 each

(2x) Wonder Classic White Bread - $2.49 each
- $.55/1 (2x) doubled
=$1.39 each

Total OOP = $23.70
Total Coupons: $10.20

Not too bad. I forgot a couple things though. I might run to the Franklin store tomorrow.

I need to go do something about my son. He is not adjusting well to the new bed and room. He's getting near hysterical. I really want him to cry it out, but how long do I let him go? He's been going for nearly 40 minutes now. It's not constant. I think he stops for a few minutes to see if I am going to come in. He also has been purposely hitting his head on the sides of the crib and making himself cry even more. Sigh. He's quiet now. I know he is super tired so I was hoping that would make it easier for him to crash out. We will see.

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