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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a lovely labor day today. We spent the morning just hanging around and then around 1 PM, we headed to my folks for a cook out. My grandparents & Brian and his kids were there too. We had ham, burgers, dogs, green bean casserole, escalloped potatoes & chips. After eating, we all just hung around, visited and had fun. Laural & Amanda got in the hot tub for a while while I ran home to get my swim suit. Just before I left, we put a swim diaper on Micah so he could sit in and splash around. Apparently he had quite the time splashing around! The last time I had him in there, he just about drowned me with all the water he splashed in my face - and he wasn't even facing me. LOL He sure does love the water. When I got back, they were all out but after I was in for a few minutes, Amanda joined me and then Laural came back out and got in too. I felt so good after the soak. I got pretty sore from sleeping on the air mattress in the cold for 2 nights. After getting out, we sat around and visited a while longer before it was time to head home. Good day.

The past couple of years, we have gone to the Stoneboro Fair, but this year, they jacked up the price to $10 each, so it would have cost us $40 just to go in and walk around and let Laural ride a couple rides. We decided it was too much. Last year, it was only $8 to get in. I think they lost a lot of people this year and probably a lot of money. Maybe they will wise up before next year's fair.

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