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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Multi-Store Shopping Trip Today!

Steve and I were just getting ready to head to Meadville again today to hit the Walgreens and CVS that we didn't have time for yesterday. I made sure to find them first this time. A few minutes before we left, Lynn called and said she decided to go shopping anyhow, so Steve was off the hook. We hit K-Mart first. There wasn't much that I needed there.
3 Honey Nut Cheerios ($1.88 each)
- $.55/1 coupon AND
- $1/2 coupon
= $1.36 each

Next up was Walgreens. This one got a little confusing as I tried to break it up into several orders and then get the RR (register rewards) so they could be used on the next transaction. I am not going to try to record how I did it, just the end product.(2x) Pampers 2/$20
- $2/1 coupon
- $1/1 coupon
= $8.50 each
- RR = $2
= $7.50 each

(6x) Chex Mix - $.99 each
- $.50/1 (6x)
= $.49 each

(6x) Dry Idea - B1G1 free - $3.79
- $1/2 (3x)
= $1.40 each

(2x) Sudafed PE - 5.99 each
- $2/1 (2x)
= $3.99 each
- RR $5 (when you buy 2)
= $1.49 each

(2x) Crest Outlast Toothpaste - 2/$7
- $.75/1
- $.50/1
= $2.88 each
- RR $5 (when you buy 2)
= $.38 each

(2x) Nature Valley Granola Bars - $1.99 each
- $.70/2
= $1.64 each

Duracel Batteries 4 pack - $2.99
- $.75/1
= $2.24 each
- RR $1/1
= $1.24 each

Fillers = $1.59

Total before coupons & RR: $64.85
Total after coupons and RR: $36.19
44% savings

Next was CVS. This was my 1st CVS trip, so I signed up for my card right off. There were only a couple things on my list for here. I ended up only getting 2 Colgate Wave toothbrushes B1G1 free.(2x) Colgate Wave Toothbrushes - B1G1 free - $2.99 each
-$.40/1 (2x)
= $1.09 each

Not the greatest deal, but good enough. I wanted to get toothpaste too but they were out. that's what I get for shopping the last day of the sale. Next was Walmart. I only wanted 4 things there.
(2x) Healthy Choice Frozen Meals - $2.50 each
- $2/1 (2x)
= $.50 each

(2x) Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers - $2.50 each
- $2/1 (2x)
= $.50 each

Total before coupons: $10.00
Total after coupons: $2.00
80% savings

I did spend a little more than I had planned. I took my Dry Idea coupons because I saw that the deodorant was B1G1 free, but I didn't know the price ahead of time. I decided while I was there that it was a pretty good deal and went for it. I had also forgotten about needing to have fillers for using the RR since they scan like a coupon and they only allow one coupon per item. Since some of my transactions had one coupon per item already, I needed to have a filler to use the RR. I will be more prepared next time.

I'm trying to decide how to record my savings. I wonder if people include the savings from the item being on sale as well as coupons and RR, ECB & the like. Maybe I will ask on the forums on KCL or someplace like that. One thing I do know is that I am quite happy with my savings so far!

Today's savings:
Coupons - $39.05
Overall - $85.55 (sales, coupons, RR, etc.)
Total OOP - $49.72

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