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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blood Test Results

Linda Mattocks called bright and early this morning with my blood work results. I was a bit surprised that they came back so quickly. My sugar was good at 109, liver and kidney function were good and CBC was normal with no signs of leukemia, infection or such stuff. I was totally correct about my thyroid is was high meaning I was hypo, even on my meds so they changed my dose to 150 mcg. I should start to feel more normal soon. My cholesterol numbers, while still high, came down which is awesome. Unfortunately, my HDL went down too which isn't so good. I'm sure the reason for this is my decline in exercise since my knee has become worse. I think since my synthroid wasn't high enough, that has caused some of my increased pain issues. I'm hoping that my joint pain will get better as I start getting the thyroid under control. I just have my ultrasound on Monday to check the aorta and I'll be done with the doctor for another year. After gettin my results, I decided to call Grove City Medical Center to see if I could get Micah's ultrasound scheduled around the same time as mine. Mine is at 8Am and they said they could work Micah in at 8:30AM. That will be nice - 2 birds, one stone. :D

I got a lot of stuff done today - sorting, cleaning, clearing, minor purging. I put a few things up on freecycle. One was my old police scanner. I got nearly 20 hits on it! Wow. Nobody is interested in my glucometer though. I also put up some old stencil paints up and I have a kitchen scale to add too. I seriously need to get rid of a lot more stuff! We are too crowded here.

The cable guy is coming tomorrow to disconnect our phone and the digital cable boxes. It should save us at least $50 a month. We need to cut back on spending as well. I have been getting some of Laural's school stuff together and that has meant some purchases. I still need to get an abacus and a globe. The abacus isn't expensive but globes are pricey! At least it will be a one time purchase and both kids (and maybe future kids) can use it. I'm really looking forward to school starting. Just over 2 weeks to go!

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