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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seeing the Doctor

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was rather uneventful. I told them that I thought my thyroid was off. We discussed that and I brought up my concerns about our family history of aneurysm along with the troubles with my feet. They ordered a bunch of blood work. Thyroid panel, cbc, sugar, cholesterol, liver panel. Can't say as though I'm looking forward to hearing the results to some of them. We also scheduled an ultrasound to check my aorta for any signs of aneurysm. It's next Monday. I'm thinking I should call the u/s department to see if we can get Micah's u/s done at the same time. They now have a mini lab in the doctor's office, so I didn't have to go elsewhere for my blood draw. Now, I just need to wait for the results. I hope my synthroid gets bumped up. I need it!

Other than that, it was quite the dull day. I really didn't do much. It gets so hot in here during the day that I don't feel much like doing anything. It sure would be nice if we had a window upstairs that an air conditioner would fit in. Oh well.

I forgot to write about something Micah did the other day. On Monday evening, we went to my parent's for dinner. They had leftover meat from their trip and invited us, Rob, Amy & the kids and my Grandparent's over for dinner. We had dinner and afterward, prepared to play blotto. While we were sitting at the table, Micah was behind me and stood up, holding on to the chair. I couldn't see him. My grandma was watching him as he let go and took 2 steps toward another chair! He wasn't quite close enough to the chair so he reached way out. The only problem was that there was a blanket on the chair that he got hold of first. It slid off the chair and he went down with it. He landed neatly and didn't get hurt. It was pretty neat that he decided it was time to take some solo steps though. I was wondering if he was ever going to try.

I need to get to work and get our school schedules up here. I'm not sure how I'm going to format it yet though. Do I want to try to put it in a blog post or in a spreadsheet with a link. Decisions, decisions.

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