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Friday, August 21, 2009

Not sure why...

I'm not sure why I was so weepy today on the way to the funeral home for the viewing for my Great-Uncle Russ. I really didn't even know him. I've only seen him at a handful of times - mostly at funerals or weddings. Death always makes me sad. I know that Uncle Russ was pretty sick at the end too. I think it's probably because he was my Grandpa's last brother and there is just him and his baby sister left. I know that his death has really made my Grandpa sad. But, I think that the reason this has made me so sad is that my Grandpa is only 3 years younger than his brother - he just turned 86 last month. He's not such a young man anymore and I know that we probably don't have a lot of time left with him and this makes me so sad. I love my Grandpa so much! He and my Grandma have always been such important people in my life and we are quite close. I don't want to even imagine my life without them in it. I know it will be like that some day, I just hate thinking about it. There's nothing like a funeral to start you thinking about the worst.

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