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Friday, August 21, 2009

Meeting with a Friend

Today, I got to see Mel from FF again! She was in the area doing some shopping and white water rafting with her son, Kyle, his best friend and his Mom and found out that she was going to be close to where we live so we made arrangements to meet at the outlet mall for a little while. The last time we met up was 3 years ago in Canada when we met them at the Upper Canada Mall on our way through to Matachewan. We browsed around for a little while and had lunch at the food court before they had to go. It was great to see her again. I've met up with 3 of the Miracles girls to date - Mel, Cayley & Tabi. It would be nice to get more of us together. We all talked about a trip to Florida at one point but that never came to fruition. Maybe some day.

Once we got home, we hung out in the living room for a while where Micah decided to practice walking a little bit. He managed to take 3 steps - a bit slow and jerky but he did it. He then went down on his bum. Then he really impressed me! He got back up on his feet without using anything to help - just the floor and his own balance. Awesome job! He took 3 more steps and then he was done for the night. He was really pleased with himself as I was lavishing him with praise. I love his sweet smile!

In other news, I discovered a few blogs tonight that are awesome. Besides some of the homeschool blogs I've been following, I also found a couple of coupon and frugal living blogs that are wonderful! Thanks to them, I printed off a ton of coupons which save me a load of money - with many items being free or around $0.25 each! I added 2 of them to my favorite blogs area to the right -> Honoring the King and The Krazy Coupon Lady. LOVE THEM!

I've also discovered a lot of giveaway blogs and have been signing up for those. Very cool. Maybe I will win something. I better watch out, this can be addicting!

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