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Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Day

We had a lovely day today. Laural had her first exam and cleaning dental appointment today. She did so well - no fussing or squirming. She had no cavities and the only thing we need to do is start flossing. She took quite a while picking out her toy from the treasure chest. She ended up picking out a cute little toy car. They also gave her a "goodie bag" that had toothpaste, a toothbrush and a pack of floss in it. She was all excited about it. She had to use her new things tonight when getting ready for bed.

Our next stop was the Organic Store. I wanted to take her the info sheets for the new programs starting next month and I also had a diaper cover to add to the stock she has down there. We chatted a while and I ended up buying a few things - TVP, rice, cheeto like snacks, salad mix, an avocado, a bottle of tea, some apple snacks for Laural and 2 lollies. I used the tvp in place of meat in the spaghetti I made tonight. It wasn't bad. Micah sure does love spaghetti! He ate a bunch and then I had to give him seconds! After dinner, we had a few marshmallows for dessert. He loved those too!

After the organic store and before going home to make dinner, I took Laural to the park to play on the playground since she was such a good girl throughout the day. She loved it! I took a cute pic of her on the ship. It was a beautiful day to be sitting outside! I want to do it again tomorrow! I wish I had the energy and organization to take the kids to the park more often.
I tried making a microwave cake tonight. It wasn't bad, actually. It was a little heavy but I might be able to tweak the recipe to make it better. I found it while checking out a blog of a mom who does something called "Muffin Tin Mondays." Basically, it's putting creative things in muffin tins for kids lunch. Some folks get pretty cute and elaborate with it. Many of them use those cute silicone muffin cups. Last week, I was looking at bento box lunches and saw that many people use them in the bento boxes. So, I was wanting to get some then and now, even more so! Something else I need is a tortilla press so it's easier to make my own tortillas. I made them a few weeks ago by rolling them out with a rolling pin. They were SO good! They were a little thick since I had to roll them out, but they were still super yummy! I've been dying to make them again!

I need to start getting to bed earlier so I can start getting into the swing of things for school and the 2 programs and all the other stuff we have going on! I'm turning into a busy mama!

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