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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I cannot believe how fast this month is going by! Laural starts school in a week! I think I am pretty much ready. I just need to re-organize my thoughts and get everything laid out. I need to get all of the computer stuff loaded for her too. I also need to get the stuff that's been sitting in the kitchen out of there so I can have room to have school.

Lakeview School goes back on Tuesday and starting then for I'm not sure how long, Stephanie's kids will be getting off the bus here. They should be here around 3:45 until Steph or her boyfriend, Mike, picks them up which could be right after school or 6:30ish. Laural will love having her cousins here.

We've had a pretty easy going day. After church, we came home and had some sandwiches. Micah slept through lunch. At about 4 PM, I started getting a headache along with dizziness. I decided to lay down for a while to let it pass. Micah was still asleep but soon after I laid down Steve rolled on his side and started snoring SO loud. It woke Micah right up but I was still feeling so dizzy that I couldn't get up. Poor Steve had to get up with him. I feel a little bad but at the same time, it was his snoring that woke Micah up. Our evening was pretty mellow. I was still a little headachey and dizzy, so We just kind of hung out in the computer room and then in the living room watchin Harry Potter.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I need to get loads of laundry done and get the kitchen cleaned up and Laural has a dentist appointment at 1:50 PM. Busy, busy, busy!

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