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Friday, August 14, 2009

Tae Kwon Do

Laural & I took our first Tae Kwon Do class tonight. I was a bit nervous at first. I was afraid it would hurt. I took some ibuprofen before the class. So, we got there and first we sat with Master Dunworth and talked about why we were there and what we hoped to gain. He explained some about Tae Kwon Do and the Do Jang. He had to stop to take care of some business, so there was a little bit of time before we actually got started. He found us each a do bok (mine didn't fit ) and showed us where we could get dressed. Laural looked so adorable in her do bok!

So, we went out and Master Dunworth tied Laural's belt. I had to do the class in my street clothes. At least I wore my yoga pants and shirt. He ordered me a larger do bok. Then we went out into the classroom. When you step into the classroom, you must stop and bow to the American and Korean flags on the wall and also to Master Young Kong Bo's picture. That felt a little weird but I can deal. You also have to do that when you leave the classroom. Master Dunworth lined us up and showed us some basic moves. We started with the Cha-Ryeo stance - the attention stance. Then we did several other stances that I am not even going to try to spell since I can't find them online. LOL From there we did some punches, kicks and blocks. Laural did so well! She picked up on the stances and moves pretty easily. She needed a little instruction when it came to how to hold her hands but she did great. We didn't get a real long lesson since we got started late and there was a class waiting. I got a little self-concious since there were a bunch of parents sitting there waiting. I felt like such a cow - especially since I was in my street clothes. Overall, it was quite fun and I think we will continue after our 2 initial classes as long as it isn't too expensive. Our next class is Tuesday at 4:30 PM. After that, we will go to the family class which is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:55 PM. I actually can't wait until the next class!

Micah stayed with my Grandparents while Laural and I were at class. He seems to really enjoy it there. Grandma said he kept going over to Grandpa, wanting Grandpa to pick him up. Grandpa really seems to enjoy having Micah there. Grandma too.Micah eating cheese at my Grandparent's house.

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