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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye Jiffy

He was the last of our original three and today, we had to say goodbye to him. When Steve and I first met back in 1992, he had 2 cats, Jiffy & C.K. and I had one, Flash. When we were married and combined households in 1994, the cats weren't thrilled about it, but they tolerated each other. Flash had the toughest time since he was the new cat on the block. Jiffy and Flash were the same age, both having been born in April of 1989. C.K. was the baby, born in 1992, I think. It was sometime in 1997 (I think) that Flash was outside and was hit by a truck while crossing the road. I can't remember what year it was, 2003 or 2004 maybe, that C.K. got sick with diabetes that couldn't easily be controlled and he died not long after. Jiffy was the tough guy though. He was full of attitude and let you know he was the boss. He was also so sweet and loving. He was as independent as a cat can get but still demanded affection from his people. I have to admit that I am surprised that he made it as long as he has. For several years, he has been dwindling in health. He barely ate and for the past year, he has had trouble getting to his litter box. He didn't seem to be in pain and he seemed content enough. The past couple of months seemed to be the worst for him though. He would get sick for a week and then be fine for a little while before getting sick again. These past couple days, he would hardly eat, fell over when he tried to walk and really seemed to lose interest in living. We spent a little time with him today, loved him and stroked him until it was time to take him to the vet's office. Steve stayed with him while the vet gave a large dose of tranquilizer to make him sleep, followed by the injection that stopped his heart. It was very fast and very peaceful. After a wonderful and long 20 year life, Jiffy is no longer with us. Goodbye Jiffy. Rest peacefully kitty. Good boy.

Jiffy decided to sleep in the bathtub.

Close up of Jiffy in the tub. He was soaked underneath.

Steve having a few last minutes with Jiffy before heading out to the vet's office.

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