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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day of Books and Animals

We started our day with the summer reading program picnic and recital. I'm not sure I would call it a recital but a program, but calling it a program was a bit redundant. Anyhow, the program opened with each of the groups doing a little something. Laural's group did A Tooty Tah. I have no idea how to spell it. It was pretty cute.After each of the groups did their thing, all the kids did a couple of songs together, led by Steve. Laural really enjoyed that. She danced around the whole time.

After the performance part of the day, we went outside for a Tae Kwon Do demonstration. It was pretty neat. After watching the demonstration Laural and I decided to give Tae Kwon Do a try. We signed up and will take our first class sometime next week.After the Tae Kwon Do, it was time to eat. They had hot dogs, hamburgers, cookies and ice cream. I was surprised that they didn't have anything like chips. Oh well. Micah enjoyed the picnic.
It would seem that we had quite the busy day already but we had more to come! Even though there was the threat of rain, we decided to go through with our plans and head out to The Living Treasures Animal Park. It did rain on and off while we were there, but not enough to make us have to leave. The good thing about the rain was that it wasn't crowded at all. We bought a bucket of dry food and a bag of carrots to feed the animals. We came upon deer first. Laural loved that they would eat right from her hands. There were a lot of smaller deer - not sure what kind they were.

We saw kangaroos, lemurs, hyenas, a fox, a leopard and black leopard, lions, tigers and bears. Oh my (Yes, I had to do it). One of Laural's favorite things to feed was the large camel. Wow, those things are so huge! It really liked the carrots and would stretch it's neck waaaaay out over the fence to try to get to the carrots I had in my hands. It was kind of scary! Laural would put food down the pipe they had rigged up there and the camel would catch the food as it came down the pipe. She loved that!
I think we all had the most fun in the petting zoo though. We started off with ponies and llamas. The llamas were quite anxious to get the food we had. There was a feisty pony too. While Steve was feeding it, Laural tried to pet it. It nipped Laural on the side. Pretty hard. She didn't cry, but I could tell it scared her. The llamas were fun though. One stuck it's head through the fence really far to try to get to the carrots we had on the stroller. Micah got all excited over that. It's long neck was right over his head. I like llamas. In this pic, it doesn't look like Micah is too thrilled with the llama, but the truth is that he just wasn't happy that I kept calling his name to take pictures.
I think our favorite animal of the day, though, was the baby zebra. It was so sweet! It would follow you along the fence, looking for food. The baby camels were sweet too. They had stinky breath which wasn't much fun when they got right up in your face looking for some food and attention, but they were still cute.

Laural decided to use some of her allowance money to buy a couple of souvenirs - a white tiger pen, a flashy thing and a hobby horse. I think that's what they are called. It's one of those broomstick things with a horse head on it so kids can pretend to ride a horse. If you press it's ear it makes galloping sounds and neighs. We got Micah a stuffed giraffe. Just what we needed, huh? Another stuffed animal. We had a pretty good day. Nobody got hurt and it was fun to watch Laural and Micah get so excited over the animals. Great day!

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